• Raimondi luffing cranes are participating at North America largest heritage building retro fit
  • The LR273 cranes are rented to EllisDon, international leader in the construction services sector for over 70 years
  • This crane model advantages include wide swing angles and superior lifting capacity

Avenue Building Corporation deployed two Raimondi LR273 luffing jib cranes for the construction of The United Bldg, a historic landmark development in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 55-storey condominium, preserving elements from the 1928 building and the 1961 expansion, has earned a place in the historical conservation sector, making The United Bldg North America’s largest heritage retrofit.

“Avenue Building Corporation is adding another significant project milestone to our site portfolio by renting these two Raimondi LR273 luffing jib cranes to EllisDon, contractor of the project and international leader in construction services,” stated Jim Patullo, President, Avenue Building Corporation.

Installed between December 2023 and January 2024, the two 18t-luffers are currently onsite at a height of 60 and 54m with jib lengths of 45 and 50m respectively, and a tip load of 4.50t.

Equipped with an 86kW hoisting gear, the LR273s lift at a maximum speed of 204 meters per minute and have a drum capacity of 980m, boasting excellent lifting performance.

Two Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes for landmark development in Toronto

Installed between December 2023 and January 2024, the two 18t-luffers have a tip load of 4.50t

“With the project preserving the 10-storey existing façade, along with its structural steel retention systems, 75% of the jobsite space was already occupied. We carefully evaluated both of the crane positionings to ensure maximum site safety and efficiency,” he explained.

Patullo adding that the small out-of-service radius, 16m and 17m, and the ease of installation of the LR273 due to the model’s weight optimization, were key features considered during the site planning phase.

The wide swing angles of the LR273 allow for greater site coverage, coupled with the superior machine performances in terms of lifting capacity, also played a significant role in the deployment of this specific luffing model.

Two Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes for landmark development in Toronto

The LR273 boasts wide swing angles, small out of service radius and superior performances in terms of lifting capacity

“Witnessing the participation of our models on such a prestigious jobsite highlights the reliability and high performance of our luffing range, reaffirming Raimondi’s commitment to delivering excellence in every product we manufacture. Raimondi technology not only enhances productivity, it ensures precision in even the most challenging environments,“ stated Luigi Maggioni, Raimondi Group, CEO.

Scheduled to be onsite for several years with varying timelines, the cranes will be internally climbed to reach final heights of 65m and 195m respectively. “The versatility of the Raimondi LR273 makes it one of the bestselling cranes for jobsites of this nature in the region,” Patullo affirmed.

Located along University Avenue, at the intersection of Toronto’s primary cultural, institutional, and retail hub, the high-rise mixed-use development will include modern residential units and commercial spaces.

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