• The appointment consolidates a decade-long relationship with Tecno Crane, an Italian based rental fleet company.
  • Tecno Crane installed the first Raimondi T187 in Italy
  • Group to expand its existing rental fleet with additional Raimondi models

Raimondi Cranes, heritage manufacturer of intelligently-designed tower cranes, announces the appointment of Tecno Edicasa as its official dealer for the Italian region of Veneto. The strategic dealership appointment comes from a client partnership of over a decade with Tecno Crane.

Its rental fleet division counts 150 heavy lifters, including the manufacturer best-selling models, the MRT159 and the MRT84s, amongst others.  All deployed across different jobsites; Tecno Crane presents a variety of machines in its fleet with different key features and lifting capacities.

Tecno Edicasa appoints as official Raimondi Cranes agent in Italy’s Veneto region

A Raimondi MRT159 flat-top tower crane deployed by Tecno Crane onsite in Padova, Italy, for the reconstruction of Onda Palace

The appointment stems from a culmination of several factors, including the Group, formed by Tecno Crane – Tecno Nolo – Tecno Edicasa, sterling reputation for reliability, professionalism, and dedication.

“Raimondi recognizes the pivotal role of a trusted dealership network; by leveraging Tecno Crane’s extensive experience and expertise in serving customers in the Veneto Region. We aim to enhance accessibility to our products and to better meet customer’s demand in the territory,” stated Luigi Maggioni, CEO, Raimondi Cranes.

The dealership agreement was penned alongside the installation of the first Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane in the country. Purchased by Tecno Crane, the new model boasts best-in class specifications in terms of lifting capacities, speed, and freestanding height.

“We are proud to be the first rental fleet company in Italy to deploy the Raimondi T187. The crane is high performing and fitted with Raimondi’s ConCore control system. We considered a number of performance and operations specifications ahead of renting the machine to Coperativa La Torrazza, contractor of the project,” explained Nicola Pizzeghello, Managing Director, Tecno Crane.

Erected in Q1 of 2024, in Milan, Italy, the 10t flat-top is at work on the construction of Empedocle10, an impressive nine-storey residential development featuring 52 units and lush green spaces.

Onsite with a jib length of 65m and a freestanding height of 42m, the 10t crane boasts a tip load of 2.09t and can lift at a maximum speed of 115 meters in the 37kW winch version, with the drum capacity of 620m.

Tecno Edicasa appoints as official Raimondi Cranes agent in Italy’s Veneto region

Tecno Crane installs the first Raimondi T187 in Italy with a jib length of 65m and height of 42m

“We value Raimondi, a European heritage company, for its high-performance product development, superior design engineering, and enhanced after sales support. Tecno Crane is planning to expand our fleet with new Raimondi models, particularly from the T Series range, as the modularity of parts and interchangeability of the jib elements are great assets from a commercial perspective,” Pizzeghello concluded.

Equipped with Lumina crane cabin, the T187’s ConCore, system enables improved diagnostics, remote access and control, simplified commissioning, and drivability.

Tecno Edicasa appoints as official Raimondi Cranes agent in Italy’s Veneto region

The Raimondi T187 is equipped with Lumina and ConCore

Pizzeghello concluded stating that “one of the most notable aspects of ConCore is the improved service as most of the crane’s maintenance and interventions can be performed remotely, thus reducing site downtime”.

Tecno Crane is also investing in strengthening field technician knowledge in machine operations through upskilling as part of Tecno Edicasa’s core values of offering optimal products coupled with superior customer service. A delegation from the dealer joined Raimondi in-house product training seminars, gaining insights on practical and theoretical applications of the manufacturer’s latest technologies.

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