Raimondi Middle East deployed four MRT111 flat-top tower cranes in Jumeirah Village Circle, one of Dubai’s fastest growing master communities. Erected in May 2023, the flat-tops are at work on the construction of a five-storey residential building.

Three of the four Raimondi MRT111s deployed onsite in Dubai for the construction of a five-storey residential buildings

“We are witnessing an extraordinary surge in the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates, with substantial projects across infrastructural, residential, and mixed-use development sectors. The rental of the four flat-tops is a continuation of Raimondi’s active involvement in a series of key projects across the country,” said Wael Hasan, Commercial Director, Raimondi Middle East. “We currently have more than 30 machines at work in the UAE,” he said, adding that this number is set to increase in the upcoming months.

Installed onsite at final configurations, the MRT111s present heights ranging between 33m and 48m, with jib lengths of 42m and 36m. All of the machines, fitted with the Raimondi Deluxe R16 crane cabins, are 8t flat-tops boast a hoist gear of 30kW and are able to lift at a maximum speed of 100 m/min.

“Considering the contractor – TownX Development – delivery schedule, the MRT111 model was well suited for the jobsite; offering excellent performance across both load and hoist speed,” Hasan affirmed. A study of the jobsite was undertaken to best determine optimal crane positioning and installation, as it is situated between a primary school and occupied residential buildings. The planning also considered onsite logistics during commissioning.

The MRT111 is still one of the bestselling models in the MENA region due to its versatility in tower height, and high performances in both load and hoist speed

Onsite for 12 more months, the MRT111 is still one of the bestselling models in the MENA region due to its versatility in tower height, and durability.

The past three years have seen a strong Raimondi Cranes presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council, with a significant number of the manufacturer’s models installed in the region, with the greatest numbers in Qatar and the UAE. “We are confident to close 2023 with approximately 20 additional cranes onsite in the region,” he concluded.

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