Raimondi Cranes, Italian manufacturer of intelligently-designed heavy lifting solutions, welcomed three of its official agents for a dedicated workshop at the company’s headquarters in Arluno, Milan.

The official dealers of France, GP Mat International, Ireland, Irish Cranes, and Northern Italy, Assistedile, attended a seminar at Raimondi headquarters.

Company representatives highlighted notable manufacturing developments and product novelties, with the visit serving as a networking opportunity for the European cohort. Current and future market trends, customer demands, and the advantages that the Raimondi new lean manufacturing system offers to the rental fleet companies, were touched upon.

The event, developed around interactive presentations, and an open group discussion format, included a guided tour of the Raimondi production facility.

L to R: Robert Coffey, Managing Director, Irish Cranes & Lifting, Frank Torchard, President, GP Mat International

The seminar saw the participation of the company’s technical and operational department, with team members presenting the latest product functionalities, emphasizing the series Class 110 and Class 150 cranes.

The Raimondi T147 and the T187-10t garnered interest, alongside machines with greater lifting capacities, namely the T247-12t and T357-16t, both deemed excellent for various European markets.

The distributors explored the new facility to witness the manufacturing system of jibs, counter-jibs, and electrical and mechanical parts, as an opportunity to gain additional technical insights.

Official Raimondi Cranes agents tour new company headquarters in Arluno

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