Three Raimondi MRT234 and one Raimondi MRT48 topless tower cranes have been deployed in Calabria, Italy, for the construction of Sibaritide Hospital.

Erected on foundation elements, the MRT234s are currently at work with the maximum radius of 70m and heights ranging between 26.5m and 44.25m. The MRT48 presents a height under the hook (HUH) of 20.6m and jib length of 36m.

“We are proud to support the contractor of the project, D’Agostino Costruzioni, by selling four Raimondi cranes. Having our machines play a role in major Italian projects means a great deal to us; we are always looking to take part in local community enhancement movements,” stated Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

Image Credit – D’Agostino Costruzioni official website: Raimondi MRT234 captured onsite heavy lifting

The development is set to improve the region’s access to quality healthcare, as the new facility addresses an existing infrastructural deficiency. Presently, 91% of the concrete frame has been built. The new healthcare structure will accommodate 376 beds and dedicated departments all equipped with the latest technologies.

“Our technical team opted for two models from our heritage series as the large tip load of the machines – 2.25tn for the MRT234s and 1.70tn for the MRT48 – is an added value for projects of this nature. With tight completion schedules, it boosts productivity and increases ROI in a shorter timeframe,” explained Badin.

Badin highlighted that an asset of the MRT234 is the jib and tower configuration versatility, considered ideal for crowded medium-to-large scale developments.

Equipped with a 55kW hoist and a drum capacity of 700m, the MRT234-12t can lift at a maximum speed of 120 meters per minute (m/min), while the MRT48-4t is installed with a 11kW hoist and a drum of 140m lifts at a maximum speed of 30m/min. The four flat-tops will remain onsite until completion of the project, anticipated to be Q1 2024.

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