Raimondi Middle East erected two LR213 luffing jib cranes for the construction of one of the latest high-rise development clusters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Two new Raimondi LR213s were installed in one of Dubai’s largest communities, Jumeirah Lake Towers, for the construction of a 163m height mixed-use tower. Upon completion, the new 40-storey tower will feature 330 residential units alongside commercial spaces.

“We rented these two luffers to the project contractor, M/S Bu Haleeba Contracting, after carefully evaluating the jobsite specifications and the client’s requirements. Rising in one of the most densely populated and congested neighborhoods of Dubai, the site’s surrounding towers were the key aspects considered during site planning phase, and choosing the suitable crane model,” said Wael Hasan, Middle East Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

Luffing jib cranes were chosen to avoid collision and overfly of surrounding properties, paired with the LR213’s good lifting capacity. “The two LR213s, having maximum lifting capacity of 14tn, are currently at work onsite with a tower mast of 36m and a jib length of 50m. “Equipped with a 55kW hoisting winch with a drum capacity of 880m, the cranes can lift at a maximum speed up to 104 meters per minute,” Hasan continued.

Two Raimondi LR213 luffing jib cranes at work in Dubai with a jib length of 50m

In the early site mapping stages, climbing plans were drawn up, as the luffers need to reach a final height of 163m. The tightly built-up surroundings of the Dubai jobsite meant that no external climbing would be possible, thereby necessitating an internal climbing plan.

Hasan explained it was essential to study each stage of the internal climbing, noting that “Raimondi is one of the few manufacturers that offer the possibly to have a 14t maximum lifting capacity luffer with an internal climbing mast section of 39m height, that allows placement of connection collars at 13-meter distance.” Each crane can be climbed every third floor, reducing climbing operations and consequently boosting site productivity. A great advantage in the Middle East as usually internal climbs occur every 2 floors.”

The Raimondi LR213s have been captured heavy lifting onsite in Dubai

The cranes were erected by the Raimondi Middle East Operations team and will remain onsite for approximately 24 months.

Raimondi Middle East is currently working across several different UAE jobsites, with more than 50 cranes deployed. Significantly, Raimondi continues to support the development of Aljada megacity in Sharjah, and key residential buildings in Dubai.

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