Official Raimondi Cranes agent, Interkran AG, is nearing completion of work with four Raimondi flattop tower cranes on a historic large-scale revitalization project in Mels, Switzerland. Divided into four stages, the development aims to transform the municipality’s unused historical textile factory into a vibrant, contemporary residential district.

“We began working on Uptown Mels in October 2017 with the rental of two Raimondi MRT223s and two MRT294 tower cranes to contractor Mettler Prader AG. The choice of offering these two models came from specific characteristics of the jobsite and the need of having cranes with significant lifting capacity due to the heavy construction material present onsite,” said Antonio Teixeira, President, Interkran.

The MRT223s, with a maximum lifting capacity of 12tn, were erected within a day and dismantled in the second quarter of 2020. These machines contributed to the site build during the first two stages of the project, working with jib lengths of 66m and HUH of 51m. The remaining two MRT294s – heights of 60m and 44m respectively  – with maximum lifting capacity of 16tn and jib lengths ranging between 70m and 76m, will remain onsite until completion of the project in 2022.

“Considering the dimensions and the characteristics, Uptown Mels is a quite an interesting and challenging project. Due to tight spaces and the necessity of preserving the historic building structure, the site planning phase required meticulous and careful evaluation of the positioning and erection of each crane,” he continued.

Texeira explained that the Raimondi MRT223’s flexibility was very valuable onsite in terms of the model’s structural configurations, while the MRT294 addressed the jobsite’s needs do to both its noteworthy lifting capacity and its durability in a variety of climates.

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