Strictly Cranes, official Raimondi agent dedicated to New South Wales, Australia, erected two tower cranes for ALAND Development at its newest residential development. Upon completion, the multi-stage project will see the realization of five main buildings with almost 900 apartments in the growing Sydney suburb of Schofields.

“The cranes at work for this project are one Raimondi MRT294 and one Raimondi MRT234, both sold to the contractor a few years ago. The cranes are participating in the build of the development by transporting all relevant site materials including the lifting of pre-cast panels,” explained Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes.

“We recommended the MRT234 for this jobsite as this tower crane presents big load capacity allowing for high freestanding heights, its ease of erection due to lighter jib, and its innovative winches and faster hoist speed, ensuring excellent performance. The current configuration of this Raimondi MRT234 is jib length of 70m with a tip load of 2.25t,” he continued.

He added that the MRT294, onsite with a jib length of 76m and a maximum tip load of 2.75t, has been chosen for its reach and durability. These two specific Raimondi models are considered to be a major asset onsite at large-scale developments due to their exceptional lifting capacities.

The MRT294 and the MRT234, erected respectively in December 2019 and in January 2020, were each installed within one day with mobile cranes of 250t and 130t. The flattop cranes are expected to be onsite for approximately 14 months.

Strictly Cranes currently has a total number of 49 Raimondi cranes at work across different jobsite in NSW.

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