Official Raimondi Cranes French agent, GP Mat International, installed two MRT294 and one MRT243 flattop tower cranes in Poitiers, France, on the Arena Futuroscope jobsite. The three cranes are supporting the construction company Cardinal Edifice on the build of the new performance hall situated at the entrance of the Futuroscope amusement park.

“Working on this prestigious project meant that we wanted to present to our client the best performing cranes among our fleet to fully fulfill the jobsite requirements. The contractor, Cardial Edifice, already owns several Raimondi cranes and decided to expand its existing fleet with two Raimondi MRT294s, while renting one MRT243 for this particular jobsite,” explained Frank Torchard, President, GP Mat International. “The choice of presenting these two models to the contractor came from the significant lifting capacity and the several configurations possibilities these cranes offer,” he added.

Due to the heavy prefabricated components used in the construction of the Arena, high lifting capacity cranes were required. The Raimondi MRT243 and MRT294 with respective maximum lifting capacities of 14t and 16t, best met the requirements of the site. The cranes will be lifting form panels, concrete, and prefab elements over the duration of the construction process. The Raimondi MRT294s have been erected with heights under hook (HUH) ranging from 38 to 50 meters, and a jib length of 50 meters with a tip load of 5.3t. The MRT243 presents the longest jib currently on site at 56 meters and a tip load of 4.4t.

Image credit- Département de la Vienne Twitter account

Two of the cranes are fitted with the Raimondi SL20-TC Crane Lift as they exceed 50 meters in height, complying with French labor regulations. Erected on a course of two days earlier in the year, the cranes are expected to be working on the Arena jobsite until approximately 2021 year-end.

Designed to be a modern amphitheater dedicated to culture, sport, and entertainment, while being also a valuable space for conventions and large events, the Arena is expected to become a preparation center for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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