Raimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, has sold two new topless tower MRT111s to Dar Al Adham Constructions (DAAC), a regional contractor based in the United Arab Emirates. The 8 tonne tower cranes are currently at work on the Riviera residential project by Azizi Developments in Meydan, Dubai. “The MRT111 cranes are freestanding with a Height Under Hook (HUH) of 48.7 meters with 60 meter jibs. Two Raimondi Middle East erector crews were mobilized for the installations, including our Operations Manager,” said Wael Hasan, explaining that the cranes are estimated to be onsite for a period of two years.

Two Raimondi MRT111s erected at Meydan in Dubai, UAE

In addition to installation, Raimondi Middle East also provided three-day trainings to DAAC’s crane operators. “We endeavor to continue to support our clients with the best possible customer experience. Sharing in-depth product knowledge and staging hands-on training sessions with our clients’ operators and technical staff members are a core part of service offering in the GCC,” added Hasan. The training seminars educated the operators with the machines’ inter-cabin controls and the advancements in user experience offered by the Raimondi Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin.

One of two Raimondi MRT111s erected at Meydan in Dubai, UAE

Raimondi is also providing a full maintenance package renewed monthly that includes inspection and servicing of all aspects of the cranes. “We carefully evaluate both main and sub processes including the brakes, limit switches, lubrication, and overall wear, alignment and connection security.”

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One of two Raimondi MRT111s erected at Meydan in Dubai, UAE