Assistedile Srl., based in Milan, Italy, brings its total fleet size to 107 cranes with its newest Raimondi MRT234 flat-top tower crane. The new MRT234, the 97th Raimondi tower crane in the company’s fleet, has been erected in Milan, Italy, on Guglielmo Silva street at the corner of Viale Eginardo, and is currently at work assisting in the build of a 22-floor residential high rise. One Raimondi engineer was onsite to supervise the erection process, which included the first stage of the jib and counterjib preparation at ground level and tower erection, followed by the usage of a 350 tonne mobile crane to erect the MRT234 to a freestanding height of 85.8 meters with 70 meter jib. To reach the full height of 85.8 meters, mixed tower elements of 2.3 meters, 2.1 meters and 1.7 meters were employed.

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