Raimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, has announced the appointment of Italasme Srl to represent the company across four key areas in Italy: Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, and the Aosta Valley. Headed by Davide Lama, Italasme has already commenced commercial activity, and has inaugurated its agency appointment with its first Raimondi MRT159 tower crane erection in Milan.

Italasme Srl will represent Raimondi Cranes across Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, and the Aosta Valley

“Italasme is the ideal Italian partner for Raimondi Cranes. A customer-oriented company, they prioritize service over sales, and will be stationing one full-time area manager dedicated to positioning and maintaining our models in their territory,” said Eng. Mauro Masetti, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes. “I believe this is the first step to increasing Raimondi’s at-home market penetration; we are counting on Italasme as a strong and trusted regional partner.”

Italasme has inaugurated its agency appointment with its first Raimondi MRT159 erection in Milan, Italy

Remarking on the newly-cemented relationship, Davide Lama, Italasme Sales and Technical Director, said, “We, as Italasme, have a historic and familial bond to Raimondi Cranes. My first ever visit to the company headquarters as a boy with my father is still a strong memory for me.” Founded in 1988 with a current staff of 10, the Italasme Raimondi product count is currently 25 of a total heavy lifting machinery fleet of 50 cranes. “Italasme is proud to represent Raimondi by handling sales, developing new business avenues, liaising between the company and existing clients, and sharing the manufacturer’s agenda and information throughout our territories,” continued Lama.

The first Raimondi MRT159 installed in Milan, Italy

Eng. Masetti explained that the first MRT159 sold in Italy met the client’s needs as at least a tip load of 1,600 Kg was needed. It is positioned in the eastern sector of Milan, a commercial district, working to refurbish an existing building. “The 8 t topless tower crane has a 65 m jib with a Height Under Hook (HUH) of 50 m. This winning deal is a combination of Raimondi product performance and detailed Italasme service.”

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