The Novotel Sharjah Expo hotel is being developed through an offbeat $35m design-and-build agreement that entails Klampfer Middle East delivering main contracting as well as FFE and OSE services

Hotel projects are rarely the incubators of creative or offbeat building programmes, with their architecture and construction typically driven by operator, designer, and developer requirements. However, the developer-contractor duo working on a prominent Sharjah hotel has adopted an unconventional contract plan that could go on to become a trendsetter for the industry. Their detour from the usual to build the Novotel Sharjah Expo hotel is best evidenced by Klampfer Middle East’s (KME) role on the project. In addition to main contracting – one of its core strengths – KME is delivering fit-out, furnishings, and equipment (FFE), as well as operating supplies and equipment (OSE) services for the scheme.

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Klampfer Middle East featured on the cover of Construction Week January 2018