Strictly Cranes Pty Ltd (Strictly Cranes), official Raimondi Cranes agent based in New South Wales, Australia, has sold three new Raimondi tower cranes to residential builder-developer Piety THP. The two MRT159s, with 1.7 meter masts, and the 10 tonne MRT152 with a standard mast section, are scheduled to be onsite and operational for a period of three years. “Our relationship with Piety stems from our competitive pricing and guaranteed high level of client servicing. Based on our business background in the construction industry, Piety was able to determine us as the best fit partnership,” explained Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes.

Onsite: Strictly Cranes technicians at work erecting three Raimondi cranes at One The Waterfront by Piety THP

We recommended the Raimondi MRT159s for this jobsite as this tower crane can be climbed to heights that other heavy lifting machinery can’t. This particular model’s lifting capacity is exceptional and makes it a major asset onsite at large-scale developments,” he explained. Another deciding factor was that the configuration of this crane was deemed advantageous because of its high freestand, and that it can be climbed with lesser bracing to attain the highest points of 100 meters.“With several concurrent projects, the MRT152 is versatile enough that it meets all of our client’s respective needs. On this particular jobsite, One The Waterfront, the cranes are tasked with lifting rebar, precast panels, and other site materials like timbers, formwork and scaffolding. The cranes will also hoist excavators out of the hole – and other heavy machinery as needed,” added Alkhoshaibi.

Raimondi tower crane onsite in Sydney, Australia

The three cranes were erected in one day each, with Strictly Cranes arranging technicians and riggers to erect the cranes as safely and as quickly as possible. Strictly Cranes also arranges for tier one operators and dogmen to ensure smooth operation of the crane and that respective project timelines are respected. “We do this for many of our clients, and certainly the service includes monitoring by Strictly Cranes on a 24-hour basis. We don’t just provide a crane, we provide the labor and the lifting accessories including Boscaro brick cage, manbox, kibbles for concrete together with the first aid cage as required safety site regulations.”

The total cranes onsite at One The Waterfront: two Raimondi MRT159s and one MRT152

Strictly Cranes also recently sold and will erect a Raimondi luffing jib LR213 to a height of 100 meters for developer-builder ALAND, specially configuring the crane to attain a higher freestand.

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During the erection process at One The Waterfront in Sydney