Installed with a 70 tonne mobile crane, the first-ever Raimondi crane has been positioned in Albania. The Raimondi MRT152 tower crane, with a height under hook (H.U.H.) of 57 meters was erected at the new Tirana National Arena, known as the Arena Kombetare. “It is fantastic for Raimondi to develop new markets. Knowing that the very first Raimondi crane erected in Albania is positioned on one of the country’s most significant projects is a personal moment of pride, and for the entire company,” said Eng. Domenico Ciano, Technical Director, Raimondi Cranes.

Installed with a 70 tonne mobile crane, the first-ever Raimondi crane has been positioned in Albania

“The exposure generated by Raimondi participating in this prestigious national project is very valuable to us as a manufacturer. We have reached our most important target for this jobsite: our client’s satisfaction with the MRT152, and satisfaction with the support mechanisms we provide,” he remarked, adding that the mixed tower crane is equipped with 61 meter jib and is erected on an embedded element. “One of the challenges for the Arena Kombetare jobsite was that a crane with high load capacity and high freestanding height was required, but due to the ground configuration we were requested to minimize the dimension of the plinth,” explained Ciano. “We worked on the plinth design to reduce its dimensions while respecting the rules and maintaining the correct safety margin.”

Raimondi MRT152 tower crane with a height under hook (H.U.H.) of 57 meters was erected at Tirana’s National Arena

A second challenge on this jobsite was that the building shape and architecture required a specific design with tailor-made climbing solutions, together with a strictly-controlled timeline. The site, due to its proximity to Tirana’s main street, required quick erection turnaround. “The crane installation was time-sensitive, as we wanted to minimize the inconveniences associated with road closure. Fortunately, all of our new cranes are designed to be quickly and seamlessly installed. We studied specific installation sequences to help our technicians plan the full job with safety and timelines top of mind.” He added that different solutions with respective models were analyzed before the MRT152 was chosen as best fit-for-purpose. “While the client had initially requested the Raimondi MRT111, after careful consideration of the jobsite drawings we recommended the MRT152. Paola Zattarin, Raimondi’s Export Sales Manager, supported the customer for all commercial aspects including transport and customs, while our team of engineers and I supported the customer with the study of the jobsite, and by providing technical documentation for the installation with plinth design, bracing design and installation sequences. Finally, though our technicians, we supported the costumer for the actual crane erection and commissioning.”

The National Arena spans 36,000 sq. m. and is being constructed by AlbStar executed as a PPP with work expected to continue for three years

First announced in April 2016, the widely-reported project is an estimated €50 million undertaking. Located in Tirana’s historic area, the National Arena spans 36,000 sq. m. and it will replace the country’s Qemal Stafa stadium. The project itself, under construction company AlbStar, is a public private partnership (PPP) with construction expected to continue for three years. The new arena is expected to welcome 22,000 eventgoers, and is designed by famed Italian architect Marco Casamonti.

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