Kwitek Krane smoothly erected a Raimondi MRT159 crane onsite in Weissenburg (Weißenburg), Germany, over a period of two separate days. Scheduled to be onsite for a period of five to six months, the MRT159 is erected on embedded elements, equipped with a 43 meter jib and 31.5 meter height under hook (H.U.H.) at a maximum lifting capacity of 8,000 kg. “It’s worth mentioning that this particular jobsite has two operating cranes at a distance of only 30 meters with the machinery overlapping, meaning that extra care was taken with the MRT159 braced,” said Richard Kwitek on behalf of Kwitek Krane. “As a longstanding and valued Kwitek client, Maisel Bauunternehmung GmbH typically used other crane manufacturers – this is their first Raimondi model in use! We’re pleased that we’ve had the opportunity to position the new Raimondi MRT159 at the Nürnberger Straße 2-8 site,” he added.

The MRT159 is equipped with a 43 meter jib and 31.5 meter height under hook (H.U.H.) at a maximum lifting capacity of 8,000 kg

Despite the colder climate, the full erection took a total of only 21 hours and was not impeded at all by the weather, continued Kwitek. “Raimondi clients are based all over the world; our cranes are operating in countless countries, all with different environmental conditions. During the design phase, we work to ensure the best possible machine performance in all environments,” explained Eng. Domenico Ciano, Technical Director, Raimondi Cranes. “All of the mechanical and electromechanical components installed in our cranes are certified to work in a wide range of temperatures. The MRT159 was designed using steel which guarantees good mechanical performance working until -20°C. This manufacturing detail ensures the crane’s structural integrity in cold climates.”

The full erection of the MRT159 took a total of only 21 hours

“Further, the special lubricant oil for the gearbox, and for the resistors installed inside the motors and the brakes, acts to ensure that the winches function well and safely even at construction sites challenged by very low temperatures.” Auxiliary heaters installed inside the MRT159 electrical box serve to protect the components from the frost, Eng. Ciano continued, noting that crane operator comfort is also a very important aspect to consider on winter jobsites. “Our crane cabins are fitted with good climate insulation, but for colder areas we install special heaters to achieve the right internal cabin temperature. Crane operator responsibilities are intense, so we do our best to take their needs into consideration.”

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